Make Up Routine: A Night Out. 

Hi, hey, hello! I hope your weekend was well spent. Maybe you even played some songs from my weekend playlist in my previous post! Either way it is that time again, new entry time (yay!) Today’s entry has been voted for by my Twitter followers. It is detailing my make up routine. So if I was going out for drinks or dinner this is what I’d do, make up wise. 

I am in no way, shape or form a professional make up artist. This is all for fun! I have only actually been getting into make up in he last 6-12months and really trying to learn new techniques and looks. So this is how I do my make up, it might not be “correct” or on trend. I think you can’t really make mistakes in make up it’s art, it’s an expression of self. It’s so fun to just zone out and create something beautiful. 
Step 1: 

I normally do my eyebrows first. So I use my Revlon ColourStay eyebrow pencil in the shade 210 Soft Brown. I normally struggle with matching them but I eventually get there! Then I use my BYS Concealer Duo in the shade Sand Beige. I put it around the edges of my brows to give them a clean finish. I blend it in with an eyeshadow brush, my finger or pointed end of my blending sponge. 

Step 2: 

Then I prime my face with my Australis Primer “The Original” I only use a small amount all over. Then I use my blending sponge to apply my liquid foundation. I use Designer Brands Age Revive Foundation in the shade Classic Ivory (which if I’m honest is about half a shade too dark for me) I blend it in all over. Even a little on my ears so they aren’t pale. I then use my BYS Foundation brush to go over with a powder foundation by Covergirl in the shade 230 Classic Beige. This helps set my face as I don’t have translucent powder at the moment to “bake” my face. 
Step 3

I normally do my eyes after that. I have been using the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet that I borrowed off a friend lately. I love all the pink tones. I also used my Maybelline The Nudes pallet for this look. In the picture below I’ll let you know which shades I used from these pallets. I also used my On The Glow Sportsgirl highlighter pallet for in the inner corners of my eyes and on the lid with the shade Bronze. I use a Maybelline mascara in black. 

Step 4: 

For my lips I used a mixture of different lipsticks I have to make a nice pink/brown nude. I mixed Revlon in 671 Mink, Australis Matte Lip Cream in Hon-O-Loo-Loo & Designer Brands Savvy in Raise The Roof. Adding the matte lipstick with the other two helps it set. I like matte liquid lipsticks for most looks so I can guarantee it won’t smudge or move while I’m drinking etc. 
Step 5: 

Usually if I had setting spray I would spray it at this point as my look is finished! 
Now I know I don’t bronze, contour, bake etc but this is just what I have at the moment. I keep adding and taking from my collection whenever I can. 

I am in the process of using up all the make up I have and when they need replacing making sure everything is cruelty free and vegan. 
This is the finished look: 

Before & After: 

I hope you all enjoyed this fun little entry. I have a more serious one planned soon it’s just taking a while to write. Thank you for the patience and support! You all make this even more fun. 
Got any tips or tricks? Please let me know in the comments! 
Until next time. Talk soon x

Here’s to The Weekend! 

Hi, hey, hello! I though as I’m trying to get together a few other entries (my daily make up routine, my carer story) I would give you all a playlist of mine. Welcoming the weekend, this will have a huge mix of songs. I love music and I always have. It’s played a HUGE part in my life! Remembering dancing in the lounge room to Michael Bublè with my mum to recording tapes of a “radio show” my cousin and I made up with our favourite songs in between us talking.I listen to SUCH a variety of different artists and it always sets the mood, creates emotions and can be so, so powerful. I believe it can save you from your darkest times, I believe it can be your driving force. You’re never alone if you have the right soundtrack. 
Here are a few of my must have songs for a BBQ/House Party/Sunday sesh! (In alphabetical order!) 

  • Work REMIX by ASAP FERG 
  • Wild for the Night by ASAP ROCKY 
  • Right Now by ALLDAY 
  • Hands on Me by ARIANA GRANDE 
  • Love Shack by B52s
  • 7/11 by BEYONCE
  • Flawless by BEYONCE
  • Sorry by BEYONCE
  • Party by BEYONCE
  • Can You Feel My Heart by BRING ME THE HORIZON
  • That’s What I Like by BRUNO MARS 
  • Something just like This by CHAINSMOKERS 
  • Sweatpants by CHILDISH GAMBINO 
  • Cake By the Ocean by DNCE 
  • ONE dance by DRAKE 
  • Fergalicious by FERGIE 
  • Again by FETTY WAP 
  • Work from Home by FIFTH HARMONY 
  • Never be Like You by FLUME 
  • My song 5 by HAIM 
  • Kiwi by HARRY STYLES 
  • Mo Bounce by IGGY AZALEA 
  • All Time Low by JON BELLION 
  • Mercy by KANYE WEST 
  • Humble by KENDRICK LAMAR 
  • Money Trees by KENDRICK LAMAR
  • Swimming Pools by KENDRICK LAMAR 
  • Strip that Down by LIAM PAYNE 
  • My generation by LIMP BIZKIT 
  • Touch by LITTLE MIX 
  • Green Light by LORDE 
  • Cold Water by MAJOR LAZER 
  • The way you make me feel by MICHAEL JACKSON 
  • Remember the time by MICHAEL JACKSON 
  • Bad & Boujee by MIGOS 
  • Lovesick by MURA MASA 
  • 1 Night by MURA MASA 
  • Fuck the Police by NWA 
  • Anaconda by NICKI MINAJ
  • Feeling Myself by NICKI MINAJ 
  • Only by NICKI MINAJ 
  • Big Poppa by NOTORIOUS BIG 
  • Hypnotize by NOTORIOUS BIG 
  • Hard Times by PARAMORE 
  • Told you So by PARAMORE 
  • Misery Business by PARAMORE 
  • Chameleon by PNAU 
  • Work by RIHANNA 
  • Birthday Cake by RIHANNA 
  • Alive with the Glory of Love by SAY ANYTHING 
  • So good by SAY ANYTHING 
  • Collard Greens by SCHOOLBOY Q
  • Low by TODRICK HALL 
  • Talking Body by TOVE LO 
  • Purple Lamborghini by RICK ROSS 
  • Heathens by TWENTY ONE PILOTS 
  • Can’t Trust Thots by WASH 
  • Nobody’s Better by Z 
  • Pillow talk by ZAYN 
  • Stay The Night by ZEDD 

Now this isn’t my be all end all playlist but it’s one I have for my feel good times! A mix of everything thrown in is always good. I hope you like it! I stand by all these songs. 

Let me know your go to songs in the comments! 

My gratefuls for today are:

  1. I’m grateful for my close friends and family. They always want the best for me and try and include me in things even if I can’t make it or do it. I almost never feel left out. 
  2. I’m grateful for my health. It’s not the best but I am healthy and alive. With some bad health news for people in my family this week I am so grateful for being ok. I’m sending all my love to them in such difficult times. 
  3. I’m grateful for my hearing! Because without it I wouldn’t be able to embrace music and have something to turn to in hard times. 

Until next time. Talk soon x 

My anxiety story; from 9 to 23. 

Hi, hey, hello everyone! Another day another entry. I will let you all know from now on posts will come Monday, Wednesday & Friday! (Unless stated otherwise) I’m hoping for big entries on Monday and Friday then a fun little one on Wednesday. Anywho, my entry today is going to be a little more on the serious side. I took a poll on twitter to see what everyone wanted to hear about and today’s topic is my anxiety story. 
So, here we go. Looking back on my life I can recognise anxiety symptoms better now as an adult rather than back then when I was a child. My first anxiety attack I was around 9 years old. At the time I thought I was just learning about the “voice in my head” you know your conscience. It’s important to know the difference. Unfortunately as I’ve gotten older my anxiety and conscience have kind of moulded into one “emotion” you could say. I found it wasn’t a regular thing, more spaced out panic attacks, until I was around 15/16 when I noticed myself not wanting to go to school, having panic attacks about certain situations and assignments (mainly group assignments). Once my mum became sick, which I will talk about in another entry, it got a lot worse. I never wanted to leave the house, I slept a lot and ate even more, which I will also talk about in another entry. It was definitely a depression/anxiety cocktail. I was dealing with (depression 40% anxiety 60%). I use the term dealings with very loosely, I did nothing for it. I just let it get worse. To the point of self harm. Now for anyone who knows me I hope this isn’t a huge deal for you to read but yes I have struggled with self harm/bad thoughts in my life. Not in the most common way though so I have no external scars or sores. It’s always something even now I think about when things get really hard. I haven’t done it in about 2-3 years so I’m happy about that but it’s always in the back of my head. 

Once my mum passed away I started pushing things down. I never cried I never acted sad to people. I think that was a coping method of mine, not a healthy one but one all the same. 
Anxiety just became a part of my life. It effected every single part. My work life, my family life, my relationship at the time suffered because of it. To be honest with you, it still does. It effects my day to day life. I find it hard to leave the house or get into cars without anxiety. I don’t sleep very well, I wake up a lot during the night. I try and do relaxation/meditation before going to bed and I tend to fall asleep with the tv on. 
Most days it’s just a constant worry, an overthink, an intense feeling of someone who is about to pull the rug out from under you. Like tripping up the stairs you know, that feeling you get in your gut. I’ve tried medications from my teens till now. None really work for a long time, I also have tried talking to psychologists which helps for a little while too. I even got hypnotised once which honestly worked a lot better than I thought it would. But again it wore off. 
Even if I found a strategy to help with my anxiety, it kind of scares me to not have anxiety if that makes sense. It’s comfortable it’s what I’m used to. It’s a safety blanket (that constantly makes you feel unsafe) and it’s scary to think of a life without that. With nothing holding me back from making friends, getting a job in certain places, being comfortable with my own company, not panicking if someone doesn’t text me back straight away etc. 
I know this all sounds super down and super serious. I live a pretty good life. I’m grateful for my health, my home, my family and friends who may not always understand but who try to. I am always working on my anxiety in one way or another and am confident it won’t be something I deal with forever. 

(Photo above: at the shops. It takes a lot for me to go out to the shops. I tend to spend a lot of time on my phone to distract myself from my anxious feelings) 
If you have anxiety or depression and you’re unsure or scared I recommend contacting Headspace ( who have an online chat room that you can speak to a counsellor anonymously if you want to. They also have helpful links via their website! Beyond Blue ( is good for helping others with mental health issues too! 
If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues/suicidal thoughts or actions please call 000 in an emergency or Lifeline 24/7, 131114. 
My 3 gratefuls for today are 

1. I’m grateful for my sister for asking me to babysit her animals this weekend. 

2. I am grateful for this cold, rainy weather because my town’s dam needs the water! Plus it’s nice to snuggle up with puppy’s and watch tv. 

3. I’m grateful for my health. I’m working on it daily and I am hoping to keep improving as I go. 
Until next time guys, enjoy your weekend! Talk soon x